About me:

I have been practicing PSYCH-K® since 2013. I learned it to
help myself. It worked so well that now I’m thrilled and grateful
to be able to help others using PSYCH-K® balances!

I have taken all of the classes multiple times because there
is so much information to be learned. For the first 2 years I was
very blessed that there was a dedicated group of us that got
together and practiced relentlessly. I felt like I received the keys
to my own freedom. There is my life before PSYCH-K® and then
my life after PSYCH-K®.

PSYCH-K® has sent me on a journey of a lifetime that I am
so grateful for.

All of my life I struggled with crippling anxiety,
severe self hatred and a feeling that all good things were just
not meant for me; safety, security, love, connection. I am an only
child and I was brought up by two narcissistic and alcoholic
parents. It was like a pressure cooker of bullying, gaslighting,
scapegoating and contemptuous verbal abuse. The messages
that I received as a child were destructive, confusing & cruel.
Those lessons were hardwired into my subconscious. I
unconsciously continued these patterns of painful destructive
choices into my life. This was my “normal”. I had been in
counseling since I was 16 years old. In 2008 I took my first step in
my recovery by going to ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics and
other dysfunctional families – I am eternally grateful for this
amazing group of people!) meetings. This helped me start
unraveling and identifying what was happening to me, to see
the patterns in my life and help clarify the story I told about
myself. I got to a point where I could see the patterns so clearly
that I decided that if I had to keep reliving these patterns, I really
didn’t want to live anymore. The patterns were so deeply
ingrained in my subconscious. I tried countless ways to divest
myself of these disempowering subconscious belief programs.
And then I finally found PSYCH-K®. PSYCH-K® allowed me to
change the story I tell about myself. It has been my life’s
mission to change my program.

In 2013 I am so grateful that I attended the IONS
(Institute of Noetic Science) Conference and heard Bruce Lipton
speaking about the Biology of Belief & Epigenetics. I was
captivated!! When I got the chance to talk with him afterwards, I
asked him “How do you change your belief programs?” and with
a big smile he said that PSYCH-K® was his choice for changing
his own beliefs and explained how much it had change his life. I
immediately set out to learn all I could. In the process, I not only
got my life back, I also found my life’s purpose. I no longer
struggle (or not for long) and I now have the privilege of being
able to bring this gift to other people. If everyone knew about
and practiced PSYCH-K® it would radically change the
world…..and that is my goal.

Because of my background, I’m very adept at helping
other’s transform their painful trauma.

I was born and raised and brought up my children in the
Chicago area. I have my BA in Psychology and minors in
Comparative Literature and Philosophy from Lake Forest College.
I would describe myself as a student of life. I love to learn. I am
an avid reader in many subjects and an intellectually
adventurous person. I am also a very intuitive person.

PSYCH-K® is the most effective process I have ever found that is scientifically proven to transform painful and limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind and then change them quickly and easily facilitating a permanent change. I have never come across anything else that meets the ethical, spiritual and simplistic standards of PSYCH-K® I’ve taken all of the courses numerous times. I am proud and grateful to be a PSYCH-K® and Health & Wellness Facilitator. I’m listed as a Preferred Affiliate and Health & Wellness Facilitator on the PSYCH-K® website.